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When you first receive your teak garden furniture, you will notice its natural honey colour coming from wooden teak wood. Usually, teak outdoor furniture will weather and its colour will turn to a grey patina. During the weathering process, a slight roughening of the grain or small cracks may develop. The latter is not a structural defect but a perfectly natural process, as the wood expands and contracts, adjusting to the elements. If the original honey color is preferred, use the Semco® 2-part cleaner and protect with a Teak sealer or Teak oil. Periodic cleaning of your furniture is always recommended, as it will help to maintain the general appearance of the teak and prevent dirt from building up. Hosing off your furniture is acceptable but do not use a pressure washer. Clean using a mild solution of luke-warm water and detergent, and then rinse with water. The higher the protection factor of a sunscreen is, the higher the UVA protection filter concentration is also, and the greater the chance that the cream will transfer its own color to the fabric resulting in stubborn stains! It is therefore important to clean the stain immediately with lukewarm water and a mild soap that has been in contact with sunscreen.

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